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Marketing for a
new generation.

Collaborative Marketing is the trend which is being followed by big companies within their marketing strategy nowadays.

The objective of this is to make your own customers the ones who advertise you, making it more accurate, cheaper and bringing an exponential impact.

Picpiic is a new collaborative marketing tool, through which users and brands can easily work together to create publications connecting images.

Upload your images. Users can connect its of the brand with their own images to create new publications, making the impact to be much higher.


Know everything about images connected.

In Picpiic, we know what are your images being linked to, which common denominator appears in the images with which they have been linked and which are the trends that your campaigns are following. Access your brand panel to know all this information.


How far your images have gone?

If users are using your images to generate new publications, the image of your brand is not only reaching your followers, but also their ones.


Who is interested in your brand?

Brands can have access to all the Big Data generated by the engagement. How many connections have your images, the real scope of each one thanks to the users who have used it. This data allow you to get to know better the people interested in your brand.


What appears in the pics connected?

Analyzing all of them in the panel you can see which are the concepts that are repeated in all of them. You can find out if your followers associate any of your images and your brand with the beach, sports or anything else, and better target the interests of your followers.


What feelings have you provoked?

Today we are surrounded by emotions, and in our photos, they also appear. Know if your followers associate your brand with images that cause happiness, surprise or many other feelings.

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Be closer your audience.
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